The Optimal Brain's Team of Advisors

As convincing as the illusion of an immaterial mind is, our brain, just like the rest of our body, is a biological entity. And the primary objective of the body is to keep the brain alive and thriving.

In other words, optimal brain health is predicated on optimal physical health.

Furthermore, a comprehensive approach to cognitive enhancement requires that we optimize the brain at all levels of organization, from the function of the individual neuron all the way to the broadly distributed neural networks that support our most sophisticated feats of cognition.

Such an approach requires a diversity of perspectives and expertise across disciplines. Enter the team of advisors for the Optimal Brain and Elite Cognition Program.

Tommy Wood, MD, PhD

Tommy Wood
With an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, a PhD in Neonatal Metabolism from the University of Washington, and a background in systems dynamics modeling, Dr. Tommy Wood brings an incredible breadth of relevant knowledge and experience to the team.

He also has experience in both the theoretical and practical side of exercise physiology, having also served as a rowing and strength coach.

With such a broad body of knowledge, Dr. Wood possesses the rare ability to appreciate the smallest details of the trees without obstructing his view of the forest, and is our resident expert in all things molecular.

Special Expertise: Biochemistry, Brain Metabolism, Systems Dynamics, Exercise Physiology and High Performance Training, Viking Impersonations

Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly

Former analytical hedge fund software engineer turned pro mountain biker, Christopher Kelly is the founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, and the creator of the world class Elite Performance Program.

Having consulted with over 1000 elite athletes to improve their performance, he has firmly established himself as a leading expert in the field of health optimization.

Chris brings the full brunt of his [much needed] analytical and engineering skills to the domain of human health, including the creation of practical and powerful implementations of machine learning.

Special Expertise: Health Optimization, High Performance Coaching, Machine Learning, Radical Candor